Why Indonesia has huge potential for Lighting & LED market


  • THE ADDITIONAL 35,000 MW OF ELECTRICITY becomes the government target up to 2019 after President Joko Widodo asserted the Indonesian 5-year electrifiation program
  • 100% energy self-sufficient rate in 2019 is targetted by Indonesian government
  • 5 million street lights are the ideal number for Indonesia, yet the current street lights are only 1,5 million.
  • 2,650 kilometer long high way, a 3,258 meter long railway, 24 large ports, 60 ferry piers, and other transportation sectors will be a huge lighting market opportunity in Indonesia

In Indonesia market, sales quantity of inflorescent tubes and energy saving lamps achieves 320 million units, among which only 20% is made in Indonesia, the rest 80% is imported.