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Why Indonesia has huge potential for Lighting & LED market

  • Indonesia with over 250 million of population (40% of ASEAN Population) is the biggest lighting market in ASEAN, even as one of 10 world biggest market for lighting industry.
  • Indonesia has great potential for LEDs lighting, as currently LED lighting products amounts to just 10% sales in the entire lighting industry in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has also decided to promote LED lighting in public lighting projects, as well as in commercial, traffic, industrial and transportation lighting applications. LED manufacturers are also upgrading their products to cater to these markets.
  • Jakarta Governor “Basuki Tjahaja Purnama” issued regulations relating to the installation of outdoor advertising that all of billboard must be use Modern LEDs and Digital Signage. The new rules will make the LED & Digital Signage Market become booming and prospects in Indonesia.
  • Every year the electricity consumption was increased by an average of 10.1 percent. Thus, the projected national electricity demand by 171 terawatt hour (TWh) of this year and 1,075 TWh in 2031.
  • Economic growth in Indonesia is predicted will be grow as much as 5.1% in 2016 and 5.3% in 2017.
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